[whatwg] Re: Web Forms 2.0

Ryan Cannon ryan at ryancannon.com
Fri Oct 7 12:21:17 PDT 2005


In attempting to write a javascript implementation of Web Forms 2.0  
attributes, I came across a stumbling block. At times, form  
validation requires a "not pattern" result, i.e. if a certain pattern  
matches the element value, the validation engine should return an  
error. The best real-world example of this type of implementation  
would be a form field with an initial value that must be changed in  
order to be processed as valid.

I would suggest an attribute name notPattern, implemented as a  
reverse of the pattern attribute.


<input type="text" required="required" notPattern="First Name\s*"  
value="First Name" />

I hope it is not too late in this versions timeframe to bring such  
functionality in, as it seems impossible right now.

Ryan Cannon

Wordslinger, Webwright

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