[whatwg] Pattern Hint

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 8 15:05:13 PDT 2005

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Sat, 8 Oct 2005, Matthew Raymond wrote:
>>   But the example text I have was for the tooltip, not for the pattern 
>>hint. The pattern hint might be "Format: #### #### #### ####" or "Enter 
>>in the full credit card number without any spaces." And this hint would 
>>need to be visible while the user it typing, or else they have to stop 
>>typing, take one hand completely off the keyboard and put it on the 
>>mouse, then hover the pointer over the control until the tooltip 
>>appears. Pattern hints, in legacy HTML at least, need to be text in the 
>>web page and not tooltips.
> You can put whatever you want in the content itself -- why would you need 
> an attribute for this? I don't understand. What you're describing is 
> already done today and works fine in existing browsers on all media.

   My argument isn't that |title| can't contain pattern hints. What I
object to is designing HTML5 so that |title| is the only thing that can
be used for pattern hints on legacy browsers.

   Note that I do not support the use of an attribute for pattern hints.
This clearly doesn't degrade gracefully. (See <altinput>.)

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