[whatwg] W3C's Rich Web Client Activity and Web Application W/G

Brad Fults bfults at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 19:56:07 PDT 2005

I would implore the W3C to officially denounce vapor terms such as
"DHTML", "Ajax", and "Web 2.0" inside its new WGs. It helps no one
when vaguely defined marketing buzzwords are used to describe very
specific technologies and methods, much less in a standards-producing
environment like the W3C.

Two short reads on this topic:



Brad Fults

On 9/23/05, Channy Yun <channy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear whatwg folks,
> At last W3C announced a charter of Web Application W/G and Rich Web
> Client Activity Proposal. As you know, this activitiy will be started
> in September, 2005. According to charter, they included standardzation
> of all RIA technology (XUL, XAML, MXML, XBL and APIs) and combination
> with server programming (ECMAScript including Ajax, C#, Ruby etc.) And
> this working group consists of Format Task Force, API Task Force and
> Common deliverables. They have a plan of Ajax standardization with DOM
> w/g.
> How about this action? I wonder whatwg's action to this activity.
> Channy
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