[whatwg] Web Forms 2.0 - repetition model control

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Fri Oct 14 04:42:45 PDT 2005


I have read the Web Forms 2.0 specification and the only thing that came  
to my mind is that the new <input type="add/remove/move-up/move-down"> are  
not very well suited.

Thing is, input type="text/date/number" and all the other types really  
define new types for user input. Yet, type="add" is ... too general. I  
don't think this can be changed (I'm too late), yet I belive that  
type="template-add" would have been more clear.

Why? The keywords add/remove/move-up/move-down can have various usages,  
even in future versions of Web Forms.

Also, when presenting extensions to the <input> element [1], more  
specifically the new input types, there's no mention of  
add/remove/move-up/move-down input types. It's perfectly understandable  
why: these are not true input types. If these types would have been  
prefixed with "template-", the section could have mentioned something like  
"We also included few types for repetition model control, all being  
prefixed with 'template-' (See <repetition model>). ".

I do not have anything against the usage of <input> for repetition model  
control. This actually opens the door for better compatibility with  
browsers which have no support for WF2.

My idea is simple: why use such a general type like add, for something so  
specific like add template.

[1] http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-forms/current-work/#extensions

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