[whatwg] WA 1.0 and WF 2

ROBO Design robodesign at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 03:55:52 PDT 2005


This public message is more for Ian Hickson. I haven't sent the message  
just to him, maybe others got something to say :).

I took a closer look into the source code of both of the specifications.  
Interestingly, you don't use XHTML 1.0 strict, you stick to valid HTML  
4.01 Strict (no </html> !).

Now ... both of the specs contain some of your notes, commented at the  
end. I'm sure this is useful for you while writing the specs, but WF 2  
Final shouldn't have any personal comments at the end of the document  
(about future versions). Same applies to WA 1.0 near finalisation.

Another suggestion would be ... split the WA 1.0 specification in multiple  
pages, one for each main section. Reason: the spec is already about 800kb  
and still has many section TBW. It's too big to load all at once :). I  
like the way W3C did with CSS 2 and some other specs (even if they also  
have some huge specs in a single file, like VoiceXML 2).

Last, but not least, please let us know about the advantages of using  
lang="en-GB-hixie". I'm really curious about the reason for doing so. Do  
you recommend I use lang="en-robodesign" (and "ro-robodesign") on my site  
:) ?


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