[whatwg] WA1: <base>

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Sat Sep 3 10:02:46 PDT 2005

# The href content attribute, if specified, must contain a URI (or IRI).

Can the href attribute be empty?

# User agents must use the value of the href attribute on the first base
# element in the document as the document entity's base URI

Current behavior is to use the nearest previous <base> element, be
it prior sibling or cousin, and this is interoperably implemented in
Mozilla and Opera. I think requiring that the first <base> apply to
previous as well as following elements is a good idea for <head>, but
you may need to investigate whether it is practical for <base> in

# In a head element, before any elements that use relative URIs, and
# only if there are no other base elements anywhere in the document.

It would be simpler to just require <base> to be before any elements
that use URIs period. It's easier to express, and there are no
invalidation surprises if one changes an absolute URI to a relative
one later on.


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