[whatwg] Really Simple History: Bookmarking and Browser History Support for AJAX Applications

Brad Neuberg bradneuberg at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 5 15:28:37 PDT 2005

I have; I believe both the WHAT sessioning and storage
APIs are complex and difficult to understand. I'm
swamped right now with work, but when things ease I
will prepare a longer response about these WHAT

Remember that specs are terrible places to innovate,
which is what these two sections of the WHAT draft are
doing. Instead, the WHAT group should keep an eye on
the AJAX/DHTML communities and see what home-grown
APIs are appearing to solve these problems, to pick
the ones that seem to be the most straightforward.
Otherwise we will end up with substandard ways of
achieving this functionality crystalized into the WHAT

  Brad Neuberg

--- James Graham <jg307 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:

> Brad Neuberg wrote:
> > I have posted a simple specification for
> bookmarking
> > and back and forward button control for AJAX
> > applications to my site; I'd love to see parts of
> it
> > incorporated into the Web Applications standard if
> > appropriate:
> > 
> >
> Have you sen section 3.3 [1] and 3.4 [2] of the web
> apps spec, which 
> cover similar ground?
> [1]
> [2]
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>   "As soon as people come up with a measurable
> substitute for whatever 
> it is they care about they start treating it as more
> important than the 
> real thing"
> -Boris Zbarsky

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