[whatwg] [html5] Copyright and licensing metadata

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 14 11:30:38 PDT 2005

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> Quoting Matthew Raymond <mattraymond at earthlink.net>:
>>  I suppose you can also use <blockquote>, <cite> and <address> for
>>improved semantics. The first two, though, don't seem appropriate for
>>copyright and licensing information. The third is a slight semantic
>>mismatch, as it's supposed to be for the author's contact information.
> Of the particular section. I suppose you could nest ADDRESS inside BLOCKQUOTE
> and have the effect. Anyway, did you miss my point about the 
> information should
> be visible?

   No, I did not. Often times, it's impractical to list the copyright
and trademark for every item, especially when you have a document that
it heavily composited. (Imagine documents where there's a copyright
notice every few lines. This is especially the case when quoting, where
the content is broken up so that you can reply to individual
statements.) Besides, CSS3 can be used to insert the notices if necessary.

   Perhaps there should be a way to tie metadata to a specific class.
Maybe something like this:

| <head>
|   <meta forclass="code1" name="dc:datecopyrighted" content="2005"/>
|   <meta forclass="code1" name="dc:rightsholder" content="Matthew"/>
|   <meta forclass="code1" name="dc:license" content="GPL 2.0"/>
|   <meta forclass="code2" name="dc:datecopyrighted" content="2005"/>
|   <meta forclass="code2" name="dc:rightsholder" content="Microsoft"/>
|   <meta forclass="code2" name="dc:license" content="GPL Killer"/>
| </head>
| <body>
|   <code class="code1">
|     // * Put non-proprietary code here...
|     <span class="code2">
|       // * Ultra-proprietary, patent encumbered code.
|     </span>
|     // * Put more non-proprietary code here...
|   </code>
| </body>

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