[whatwg] Suggested changes to Web Forms 2.0, 2004-07-01 working draft

Christian Schmidt whatwg.org at chsc.dk
Mon Sep 19 14:10:00 PDT 2005

Jorgen Horstink skrev:
>>A use case may a form that is designed for users with write permissions.
>>I may want to use the same form to present the data to users with 
>>read-only permissions. This could be accomplished by setting the 
>>disabled attribute on the form. This would make all data visible but 
>> [...]
> Disabled attributes are not successful and won't be processed when the user
> submits the form. Secondly disabled form elements do not receive focus and are
> skipped in tabbing navigation. In this use case those elements should be
> processed when the user submits the form (is this true?).
The read-only user shouldn't be able to submit the form at all (in this
case I assume that form submission is a write action). So whether they
are successful or not is not important, because the form is never

> Disabled applies to
> all elements except a few. Readonly does not nearly apply to all form elements;
> radio buttons, checkboxes, file uploads etc. are excluded.
In this use case, the user shouldn't be able to enter use the file
upload or change the state of radio buttons or checkboxes. I has been
argued elsewhere on this mailinglist that radio buttons and checkboxes
should not have a readonly state, so that only leaves the disabled state.

I guess it would make the most sense if the whole form acted as if it
were disabled, but looked as if it were readonly.


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