[whatwg] W3C's Rich Web Client Activity and Web Application W/G

Robin Berjon robin.berjon at expway.fr
Tue Sep 27 01:43:58 PDT 2005

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Sep 2005, Channy Yun wrote:
>>How about this action? I wonder whatwg's action to this activity.
> I imagine that WHATWG contributors (probably including myself) will be 
> taking part in this work, in so far that it remains in line with our goals 
> (clean migration paths, backwards compatibility with deployed content and 
> UAs, forwards compatibility with future content and UAs, ease of authoring 
> and implementing, and so forth).

Those are definitely the goals of the WebApps WG. That of course leaves 
a lot of room for disagreement, but then that's what WGs are for ;)

> It is encouraging to note that the Web Apps WG's charter explicitly states 
> that the Web Apps WG will be trying to work closely with the WHATWG, so we 
> should look forwards to hearing from the Web Apps WG in this mailing list.

It is indeed our firm intention to have as high as possible commonality 
in goals and work with the WHATWG. After all, if all the Good Guys 
splinter off into their own corners instead of talking to one another to 
solve their artistic differences, we're all of us screwed.

> (Just out of interest, where did you see the announcement? It has been W3C 
> member-confidential for some time, but I did not know that the W3C had 
> publicly announced it and could not find any mention of it on their site.)

Likewise, I checked the W3C site and haven't seen anything. The voting 
period ended yesterday but the results have not been announced, and I'm 
fairly sure that nothing is officially known. Notably, the charter you 
cite may have been modified based on membership feedback, so I would 
strongly advise caution as to the deliverables you mention.

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