[whatwg] image captions

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Thu Apr 6 08:19:30 PDT 2006

Quoting Alexey Feldgendler <alexey at feldgendler.ru>:
>>>>      <aside>
>>>>        <h1>Figure 1: Some image found <a href="...">here</a></h1>
>>>>        <p><img src="..."></p>
>>>>      </aside>
>>> I'm afraid this won't degrade gracefully: the <h1> would confuse 
>>> the   document outline facilities in today's user agents.
>> So use a different number...
> Sounds like a hack.

I guess that depends on how you view it. Perhaps it's a hack from an HTML4 UA
point of view but I guess most things are a hack seen from such a UA. Take
<canvas> for example... It is one that degrades gracefully though. Another
option would be something like:

  <dt><img alt="">

... given that <dl> only associates things and is not really a "definition"
thingie anymore.

> This heading shouldn't be within the document's main tree of 
> headings. It  should be completely taken out, that's what "aside" 
> means. But it can't be  done in a backwards compatible way.

It would be useful if it was part of the document's outline actually. 
Opera for
example lets you easily navigate headers...

Anne van Kesteren

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