[whatwg] [wf2] repeat-min and max

Henri Sivonen hsivonen at iki.fi
Thu Apr 6 14:11:55 PDT 2006

Section 3.4.

"The repeat-min attribute specifies the number of repetition blocks  
that the remove button type will ensure are present each time a block  
is removed. Its value must be a positive integer (one or more digits  
0-9 interpreted as a base ten number). If the attribute is omitted or  
if it has an invalid value then it is treated as if its value was zero."

Is zero intentionally excluded from the permissible values? Wouldn't  
it be more natural to spec the integer to be non-negative?

"These two attributes have no effect on the repetition model when  
present on elements that do not have a repeat  attribute with the  
value set to template."

Is it conforming for these attributes to appear on elements that do  
not have the repeat attribute (with any value; assuming that  
occurrence with repeat set to an integer is conforming)?

Henri Sivonen
hsivonen at iki.fi

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