[whatwg] Audio Interface

Jeff Schiller codedread at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 20:28:48 PDT 2006

I have some questions/suggestions to the Web Apps 1.0 Audio Interface
(http://whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/#scs-sound) before it
takes off in too many browsers:

1) "The Audio() constructor takes a single argument, a URI (or IRI),
... which returns an Audio object that will, at the completion of the
current script, start loading that URI."

I guess "current script" means "the script statement which created the
Audio object" and not "the entire script".

2) Can you clarify the mechanism to determine if a user agent supports
a particular content type?  Otherwise, as a developer do I just assume
that every browser will support .wav or .mp3 or .ogg or .mid or .... ?
 What about a static method on the Audio interface to query content

I assume there must be something I can do when the load event fires. 
What can I do or check in the load Event to ensure that the content
type is supported by the user agent?

3) I think full URIs should be allowed in the Audio constructor.  Why
must the URI be a relative one?  Is this some crude means of
preventing leaching of bandwidth?  I feel this is artifically
constraining what I should be allowed to do as a developer and as a
service provider.  What if Google wants to start an audio ad program
for websites?  What if I want to start a web service to let web
developers use sounds on my server?

4) The term "repeat count" is misleading.The word "repeat" implies a
re-occurence, so "to repeat once" means to play a total of two times. 
Just globally rename "repeat count" to "play count".  This is more
accurate of what this number actually is (the number of times the
sound will play).


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