[whatwg] [wf2] addition and attributes of type ID

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Mon Aug 14 02:52:30 PDT 2006

On Fri, 27 Jan 2006, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> I was wondering if 13 of 
> <http://whatwg.org/specs/web-forms/current-work/#addition> perhaps could 
> be changed to say that all attributes where isId returns true should be 
> removed instead of just the one that was chosen as name of the 
> repetetition template. This to avoid duplicate IDs in the document. 
> (Multiple IDs for the same element is less of a problem imho.)

If authors are using multiple IDs on the same element, then they 
presumably know what they are doing and can handle it. I wouldn't want to 
start stripping random attributes just because someone labelled it as 
being an ID attribute. We only strip the one attribute to prevent 
confusion in the normal order of things.


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