[whatwg] Dynamic content accessibility in HTML today

Aaron Leventhal aaronlev at moonset.net
Mon Aug 14 14:48:24 PDT 2006


I hadn't considered putting an alt text on it, because the image's 
function is described by the role itself.
Does the image for a checkbox using a standard html need an alt text?

In any case, more effort on better examples is being put into Dojo, 
where the code will actually be used. This example is here to show the 
concept. Therefore, while I may not be sure that an alt text belongs 
there, the code serves as a simple example to show how the authoring is 
done for this technique. So, I'm not sure why you stopped looking after 
that -- this adds accessibility for keyboard users, screen 
reader/magnfiier users and can improve accessibility for alternative 
input users.

It seems like something else is bothering you about my message. In any 
case, I'm only here as a fellow colleague providing food for thought. I 
hope that's not a problem. The core is, accessibility is important and 
no doubt there are places where whatwg does things better, and places 
that can benefit from some of the knowledge built into the WAI roles and 
properties. Whether the role attribute itself becomes supported or not 
is only one way to get there.

- Aaron

Jim Ley wrote:
> On 14/08/06, Aaron Leventhal <aaronlev at moonset.net> wrote:
>> What browser/screen reader are you using?
>> You need at Firefox 1.5 or later and Window-Eyes 5.5 or later or JAWS 7
>> or later.
> I'm not using a screen reader, accessibility is about not requiring a
> particular technology...  Or did I miss a memo?
> Cheers,
> Jim.

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