[whatwg] Web Forms 2.0 in Gecko design document

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Aug 18 07:37:40 PDT 2006

Alex Vincent wrote:
> For anyone interested in seeing WF2 implemented in mozilla.org code,
> I invite you to read and comment on 
> http://wiki.mozilla.org/DOM:Web_Forms_2.0 .  Please bear in mind this
>  is intended as an internal design document, and this is very much a 
> first draft - so it will change!

Given that, as you state, "Web Forms 2.0 is a big specification", I'd be
interested in some ideas about what priority you plan to give to
different bits of the spec. Is it just "whatever anyone wants to work
on"? Or are we going to prioritise things implemented by others, or
things we agree with other browser vendors are most useful, or things
web authors are shouting for loudest?

> Therefore, by convention, we plan on doing this, with each new
> interface prefixed by the string: "nsIDOMWF2".

Why not just nsIDOMFooInterface2? That's what we normally do to rev an
interface. Is saying "This is WF2" not unnecessarily restricting?
Hypothetical scenario as an example: the W3C picks up and standardises
WF2 as part of a new HTML 5 spec. Then the interface names are wrong.


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