[whatwg] WhatWG and <embed>

Christian Biesinger cbiesinger at web.de
Fri Aug 18 20:51:03 PDT 2006


I got a question about <embed>. Firstly, does WhatWG intend to document 
that element and how it works?

Secondly, if so:
Consider an <embed src="testmovie.wmv">. Consider that said system has a 
plugin installed that can show movies in that format (that is, 
video/x-ms-wmv). The plugin can also handle "*.wmv" movies.

Now, imagine that the server sends a type of text/plain for this file.

What should happen?

I think the short way to phrase this question is, for <embed> without 
explicit type attribute, should the extension matter or the server-sent 

(context is https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=347736)


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