[whatwg] Web Forms 2.0 is now a W3C Working Draft

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Tue Aug 22 17:16:12 PDT 2006

FYI, while I wasn't looking, Web Forms 2.0 got published as a first 
working draft by the W3C:


It wouldn't have been possible without all the feedback received on this 
list, so thanks again to everyone who commented. The spec has a very long 
acknowledgements section!

The spec will continue to be developed through this mailing list and on 
the WHATWG site, but the W3C will probably publish snapshots every few 
months (at probably progressively more important levels along the W3C 
process; I imagine the next publication, if it happens, will be a last 
call working draft).

If you have ever sent comments on Web Forms 2.0 that were not requests for 
new features, and you don't think I replied to your comments, please let 
me know. I went through all the issues I'd seen raised and tried to reply 
to all of them, but sadly some always seem to slip by.

If you sent comments on Web Forms 2.0 that _were_ feature requests, then 
don't worry, I've kept your requests and will be going through them at a 
future date when (if) I work on a Web Forms 3.0. (Or, if someone else does 
that, I'll forward your comments to them.)

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