[whatwg] Writing Web MVC applications using Xforms as the controller

Francisco Monteiro monterro2004 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Aug 23 01:10:33 PDT 2006

Ever dreamt of easily writing your own controls using state of the art
frameworks like Yahoo!, Dojo, Google, Backbase etc, light weight schema
processing, template processing, many other features which I think XForms is
truly lacking (BTW it is Xforms 1.0+ compliant). It is very easy to
prototype using this prototype!
Look no further, at the following location you will see a subset of the
implementation capability
1)  <http://showoff2.awardspace.biz/pack/pack/examples/address.html>
A full blown template control, template processing done using
<http://dojotoolkit.org/> Dojo and  <http://trimpath.com/> Trimpath and data
type validation (supports all W3C schema types). Partial support for
Schematron processing!
2)  <http://showoff2.awardspace.biz/pack/pack/examples/tabswitch.html>
A very easy way to get tab switch, none of the trickery relating to css bla
blah. Uses widgets from  <http://www.turboajax.com/> TurboAjax
3)  <http://showoff2.awardspace.biz/pack/pack/examples/dojo2Xforms.html>
Straight Dojo off the shelf widgets used as XForms controls
Present repeat  it in a "page view", the demo can be found at this URL 
When @appearance=page, the control automatically presents the user with a
set of buttons to view the set. If you see all 20 pages then reduce size of
browser window, presentation is automatically adjusted to maximise the user
presentation. Every thing on the page is customisable with CSS (control is
really a Dojo Widget, so style is applied and can be customised by user). Do
a view source to see how presentation is performed, click "View ASIN
At this URL
http://showoff2.awardspace.biz/pack/pack/examples/dojoRepeatTable.html is an
example displaying repeat in table mode, well actually it uses the @repeat-
attributes on html table, but something like this is very useful for Joe
public who is more familiar with tables then CSS (that's includes me!)
Want to try your hand at using this implementation, send me an email. If you
encounter any errors please reload forms demo running on a slow server!

Francisco Monteiro


Facile Technology Ltd.

facileXForms - a XForms implementation that is AJAX at heart.

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