[whatwg] input type="country"?

Martijn martijn.martijn at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 07:53:20 PDT 2006

On 8/23/06, Stewart Brodie <stewart.brodie at antplc.com> wrote:
> > > But what if you use a browser with an old list, and your contry isn't
> > > listed. Or are you proposing that browsers download a list every time?
> >
> > That could happen nowadays also, that a country isn't listed in the select
> > control. Indeed, I would think that the browser would keep up with a list
> > of available countries.
> Who would look after this list?  The U.N.?  Not all countries in the world
> are members of the U.N.  In which languages will this list be maintained?
> What am I supposed to do if I'm not on an Internet-connected node?

I would think the list is in the same language as the browser. I don't
see a reason why you should be connected to the internet to be able to
show the input type="country" widget (although for submitting forms it
is often necessary).
Yes, I know there are political problems, with a list of countries, so
there is an issue there.


> This sort of 'official list of all possible answers' thing is already a very
> real problem for interacting with websites of less enlightened companies and
> organisations (primarily in the United States, but I've found a few in other
> countries as well, though).  I'm asked to choose a country from the supplied
> list, but even though I've selected 'United Kingdom', the form still refuses
> to submit because it requires me to say which of the 50 U.S. states I'm in!
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