[whatwg] href on any element

dolphinling lists at dolphinling.net
Tue Aug 29 08:46:21 PDT 2006

Lachlan Hunt wrote:
> Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
>> If yes then let it be just :
>> <section href="...">
>>  <h2>...
>>  <p>...
>> </section>
> But that isn't backwards compatible.

data:text/html,<table><tr><a hef="www.google.com"><td>link to 
google</td></a><td>plain text</td></tr></table>

Neither is <a> around table cells or list items.

Personally, I like the semantics of href on any element. "This element is a 
link" seems cleaner than "Here is a link element that surrounds some other 
element or text content". Assuming no one does find a backwards-compatible way 
to link any element, I'd prefer going forwards with href applying to everything.

(Note that I haven't thought about it much, though, and I do have a vague hazy 
memory of not liking something about the way XHTML 2 is doing it. I would 
definitely want more thought put into it than I have.)


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