[whatwg] Lists, <ins>/<del>, and <a>

dolphinling lists at dolphinling.net
Wed Aug 30 07:52:57 PDT 2006

Michel Fortin wrote:
> Le 30 août 2006 à 2:49, dolphinling a écrit :
>> What's more, it's not backwards compatible. I would *love* it if it 
>> were (especially because then fieldset could also go there, and 
>> repetition template attributes wouldn't have to apply to all 
>> elements), but current UAs turn <ul><ins><li>text</li></ins></ul> into 
>> <ins></ins><ul><li>text</li></ul>.
> Safari, Mozilla and Opera all seems to build the DOM tree as it should, 
> wherever I try <ins>, <del>, or <a>, or even <fieldset>. Are you talking 
> solely about Internet Explorer for Windows (which I haven't tested) ?
> While it works fine with <ul> I note that it doesn't within <table>, 
> showing the same behaviour as in your <ul> example above.

Ah, my mistake. Apparently Mozilla handles <ins> differently from <a> (and I got 
it wrong even if I had used <a>). That'll teach me not to test.


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