[whatwg] PaceEntryMediatype

Mark Baker distobj at acm.org
Fri Dec 1 08:50:05 PST 2006

Urgh, sorry for my tardiness; I'm falling behind on my reading.

On 11/30/06, Thomas Broyer <t.broyer at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd prefer basing autodiscovery on the media types and not at all on
> the relationships.

All a media type tells you (non-authoritatively too) is the spec you
need to interpret the document at the other end of the link.  That has
very little to do with the reasons that you might want to follow the
link, subscribe to it, etc..  Which is why you need a mechanism
independent from the media type.  Like link types.

Consider hAtom.  If you went by media types alone, you'd be confronted with;

<link type="text/html" href="hatom.html" />

Not particularly useful for subscription (or anything else for that
matter) is it?  This would be better;

<link rel="feed" type="text/html" href="hatom.html" />

Autodiscovery should ideally be based primarily on link types, and
only secondarily - as an optimization - on media types.  Even this
should work;

<link rel="feed" href="hatom.html" />


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