[whatwg] HTML5 Edit Link Relation (was: PaceEntryMediatype)

Robert Sayre sayrer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 10:15:55 PST 2006

On 12/1/06, James M Snell <jasnell at gmail.com> wrote:
> What is the purpose of using alternate links? What is a UA supposed to
> do with 'em? Why did I as a content publisher choose to use the
> "alternate" link relation? Are all of these links of equal value to all
> UA's?  Are they all expected to be processed in the same basic way?
> Should an "archive" feed be treated the same way as a "subscription" feed?

Excellent point. HTML has link relations for this purpose. The list is
open, so you don't you really need to have a standard, but I suppose
putting them in Web Applications 1.0 would be a good idea.

>   <link rel="alternate subscribe"
>         type="application/atom+xml"
>         href="feed.xml" />
>   <link rel="alternate edit"
>         type="application/atom.entry+xml"
>         href="entry.xml" />
>   <link rel="alternate subsribe"
>         type="application/rss+xml"
>         href="rss.xml" />

 <link rel="alternate feed"
          href="feed.xml" />
  <link rel="edit"
          href="entry.xml" />

I think this would be a great thing to standardize in the WHAT-WG.


Robert Sayre

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