[whatwg] Provding Better Tools (was: Re: trailing slash and atheism)

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Fri Dec 1 21:37:38 PST 2006

Mike Schinkel wrote:
> That approach of saing "better tools should be provided" will work if and 
> only if the people doing the specifying also *ensure* that there are tested, 
> working tools freely available in the public domain on all major platforms, 
> and that those tools are easy enough for the lay person to use in (almost) 
> all contexts.

Work is being done on such tools now.  A few of us have begun writing a 
parser in Python, which will be either public domain (preferably) or 
under a free software licence.  I also have plans to write one in PHP, 
which will be public domain.  Henri Sivonen has written one in Java for 
the HTML5 conformance checker, which is available under a free software 
licence.  If anyone wishes to contribute or write one in another 
language, please do so.

Lachlan Hunt

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