[whatwg] markup as authored in practice

Sam Ruby rubys at intertwingly.net
Sat Dec 2 11:45:06 PST 2006

Robert Sayre wrote:
> SVG and MathML have a DOM. It wouldn't be that hard to serialize it as 
> HTML5.

Robert, if you will permit me, I would like to recast that into the form 
of a question, jeopardy style.

The question is: what would the HTML5 serialization be for the DOM which 
is internally produced by the script in the following HTML5 document?


Any takers?

- Sam Ruby

P.S.  That script, complete with indentation and readable variable 
names, is still an order of magnitude smaller than


People could save bandwidth and reduce the number of HTTP requests (and 
not have to worry about hotlinking!) by dropping this script into their 
pages (of course, they could save even more bytes if there were a direct 
HTML5 serialization of this DOM, hence the question.

P.P.S.  I realize that not all browsers support this relative new 
elements.  It is my understanding that HTML5 will be introducing new 
elements too.

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