[whatwg] HTML5 Edit Link Relation (was: PaceEntryMediatype)

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Sat Dec 2 17:18:54 PST 2006

Robert Sayre wrote:
>  <link rel="edit"
>          type="application/atom+xml"
>          href="entry.xml" />

While "type" is useful for things which result in GET requests, while 
specifying several locally-relevant protocols I've run into the fact 
that it's not so hot for anything that requires the client to include an 
entity body in the request, or requires any other request protocol.

What would be useful, though perhaps out of scope for HTML5, is a way to 
specify a *protocol*, rather than a response type, for a given link 
relation. Then you could specify that this is an AtomAPI endpoint, 
rather than that a GET request will return an atom+xml document.

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