[whatwg] Provding Better Tools (was: Re: trailing slash and atheism)

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 20:00:06 PST 2006

>> Work is being done on such tools now.  A few of us have 
>> begun writing a parser in Python, which will be either public 
>> domain (preferably) or under a free software licence.  I also 
>> have plans to write one in PHP, which will be public domain.  
>> Henri Sivonen has written one in Java for the HTML5 
>> conformance checker, which is available under a free 
>> software licence.  If anyone wishes to contribute or write 
>> one in another language, please do so. 

What about Perl, Ruby, Javascript, Cold Fusion, JSP (Java), ASP.NET
(C#/VB.NET), and ASP (VBScript/ActiveX)?  
(Did I miss any of significance?)

Those platforms collectively comprise a very significant component of the

-Mike Schinkel

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