[whatwg] HTML syntax: comments before doctype and doctype sniffing

Spartanicus spartanicus.3 at ntlworld.ie
Sun Dec 3 15:30:22 PST 2006

"Simon Pieters" <zcorpan at hotmail.com> wrote:

>The parsing section says that a comment before the doctype may trigger 
>quirks mode.

I'm assuming that this comment merely documents IE's current behaviour.
Please ignore my other comment if I'm wrong.

>Therefore I think the syntax section shouldn't allow comments 
>before the doctype (only space characters).

There are valid reasons to kick IE into quirks mode whilst triggering
"standards mode" in other browsers. There is existing content on the web
that intentionally does this. Why would you want to deny an author who
fully understands the issues from doing this?


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