[whatwg] Authoring tools

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 03:30:15 PST 2006

Sander Tekelenburg wrote:
>>>>> Yeah, that should help. There are already a few tools out there, 
>>>>> that AWPS authors can integrate within their product. Besides 
>>>>> validators, I'm aware
>>> of various Tidy implementations and TagSoup (a markup
>>>>> cleanup engine).
>>> The tools need to be standard and compatible.
>>I can't follow this. In what sense? Tidy is Tidy. 
>>AWPS authors can incorporate it into their product. 
>>What standard or compatibility plays a role here?

By "standard" I mean referenced in the HTML 5 specification. My opinion is
the standard should point to a base level implementation for each major
platform/development tool.  This would (likely) be unprecedented, but then
again HTML was unprecedented in ~1990, and the influence it has today is

By "compatible", I mean these base implementations would need to be
compatible with each other, i.e. the .NET parser would need to be compatible
with the PHP parser et. al.

BTW, by "tool" I really mean developer component.  People could build on top
of them either by adding value to the component or using the components in
tools and applications rather than competing as the base component level.  I
ran a component reseller (VBxtras/Xtras.Net) for 12 years and saw first hand
how many problems are caused when fundamental components are not

-Mike Schinkel


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