[whatwg] several messages about XML syntax and HTML5

Alexey Feldgendler alexey at feldgendler.ru
Sun Dec 10 20:43:20 PST 2006

On Mon, 11 Dec 2006 05:27:14 +0600, Ian Hickson <ian at hixie.ch> wrote:

>>> ...in new browsers, then it looks worse in new browsers than old ones.
>>> Thus, new browsers will want to go back to the way that old browsers
>>> handled it, so that they don't handle it worse than the (old)
>>> competition.

>> I disagree with you here.
>> [...] if the <new-feature> is completely new, such as the proposed
>> <xmldata>, then the only documents containing <new-feature> would be
>> those that target the new browsers which support it.

> You assume that documents targetted at new browsers will not be seen in
> old browsers. This isn't the case (if it was, we wouldn't have people trying
> to send XHTML to HTML UAs).

No, I don't. They will, and old browsers will show either fallback content, if provided, or nothing at all in place of the <new-feature>. I don't see how is this rendering "better" than showing an error message for malformed <new-feature> content.

> You also assume that documents that contain the new feature will not be
> targetted at older UAs. This is also not the case (if it was, we wouldn't
> have things like <noscript>, <noframes>, etc).

Maybe they will. If so, they will provide fallback content.

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