[whatwg] Seeding a form with initial values

Sean Hogan shogun70 at westnet.com.au
Thu Dec 14 18:30:32 PST 2006

Query 1:
The way in which a FORM element with @data is seeded seems internally 

CLEAR & REPEAT directives apply to RepetitionBlocks in the whole document.

but FIELD directives only apply to elements within the form. 

I would prefer FIELD directives to apply to the whole document - that 
seems consistent with current forms which retrieve a whole new page.
Although it does allow conflict between @data on different forms. 

Query 2:
The first step in the initialization algorithm (resetting the form) 
sounds wrong in the context of form submission. 
I assume the intention is that the reset() method is called, but the 
documentation says "reset to its initial values as specified in the 
These two are the same when the document is initially loaded, but the 
form could easily be changed by the time of form submission. 

I apologize if these issues have already been discussed. 

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