[whatwg] Timestamps for <dialog>s

Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Wed Dec 20 18:01:06 PST 2006

Le 21 déc. 2006 à 08:40, Simon Pieters a écrit :
> Many transcripts on the Web include timestamps, in particular chat  
> logs. If chat Web applications are to use <dialog>, then those  
> apply aswell. I'm sure there are other examples too.
> I think <dialog>s should support a way to mark up timestamps. I'd  
> suggest <time> in the <dt>:
>   <dialog>
>    <dt><time>00:01</time> zcorpan
>    <dd>speaking of <dialog>... can <dt> include other stuff,  
> like time stamps?
>    <dt><time>00:01</time> Hixie
>    <dd>zcorpan: not currently
>   </dialog>

An attribute to qualify semantics content seems better  than adding  
yet another element which will be more difficult to implement in  
editing tools and more constraining.

Something like in the body of the document.
<meta property="cal:dtstart" content="20060508T1000-0500">May 8th at  

or something like
<span property="dc:date" content="2006-12-04">mardi 4 décembre 2004</ 

Microformats have (ab)used the title attribute to do so (Here no  
debate possible, Tantek thinks it is not an abuse. So no solutions on  
this side.)
<abbr class="dtend" title="20060712">11 juillet 2006</abbr>

If we qualify it as an element then more information is necessary,  
because this
is not completely meaningful
	1st April
	4 January

so it means attribute anyway to qualify the content of the element.

These documents might give help for designing such a thing.

* Time Ontology in OWL
* Date and Time Formats

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