[whatwg] Index of elements, attributes, and other things

Simon Pieters zcorpan at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 21 12:46:39 PST 2006


From: Matt McDonald <kanashii at kanashii.ca>
>And of course attaching something would help... sorry about that.
>On 21/12/2006, at 8:47 PM, Matt McDonald wrote:
>>Here's my quick attempt as well. Haven't checked how much is  missing, 
>>generated by a few regular expressions also. Attachment is  the list in 

<html>, <h1>-<h6> and <td> were missing. Well, and all elements in WF2, but 
I havn't included those. I've made some changes to make it more readable and 
uploaded it to:


Though it would probably be better to have a script that generates this so 
we don't have to update it manually whenever the spec changes.

Simon Pieters

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