[whatwg] Index of elements, attributes, and other things

Matt McDonald kanashii at kanashii.ca
Thu Dec 21 22:18:56 PST 2006

Attempt #2.

Gets the latest version and generates the html file. Picks up most  
attributes and elements, more then last time anyway.

http://html5.kanashii.ca/scripts/html5-elements/ for source and demo.



On 22/12/2006, at 8:52 AM, Simon Pieters wrote:

> Hi,
> From: "Matt McDonald" <kanashii at kanashii.ca>
>> Here's the script I used to generate it. It's pretty rough which  
>> is why
>> some things were missing. The h1-6 are all on the same line so  
>> they don't
>> follow the same pattern. Also li-value is missing too because it's
>> mentioned differently too.
> Other bugs found include: rowIndex shouldn't be there, event-source  
> is missing, and start="" on <ol> is missing.
> Regards,
> Simon Pieters
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> Eragon - äventyret börjar 15 december! http://www.msn.se/noje/eragon/

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