[whatwg] Update to the Adoption Agency Algorithm

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Feb 3 01:54:55 PST 2006

Simon Pieters wrote:
> Browsers could mark all errors as red in view source. In Firefox you can
> select a piece of text and view selection source, which will bring up
> the serialized DOM. 

They could (at least, as far as I understand the issue), for XHTML at
least (not HTML5), if they wanted to implement a validating parser
instead of a non-validating one, and improve its error output
sufficiently to be able to make such annotations.

But I've heard no noises about anyone doing that, at least not for
Firefox. Perhaps I'm not listening in the right places. But it seems
like a heck of a lot of effort for relatively little gain.

> Browsers could also log all HTML parse errors in a
> console, just like Firefox currently logs CSS parse errors and XML parse
> errors in the JavaScript Console.

Well, they _could_ - but the immediate effect of that would probably be
to swamp the error console.


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