[whatwg] oninput event

Christian Schmidt whatwg.org at chsc.dk
Mon Feb 13 14:18:33 PST 2006

Quote from the current working draft (10 January 2006) 
> UAs may delay firing the input event if the data entry is rapid.
> Authors must not rely on this event firing once for each key press,
> mouse input, or similar.
I'm not sure what the intention is here.

I assume "key press, mouse input, or similar" refers to whenever the 
control's value attribute changes, i.e. not key presses on arrow keys etc.

UAs may delay firing the event, but are they allowed skip it?

If UAs are NOT allowed to skip events, what is the purpose of delaying 
them? And what exactly does delaying mean (e.g. what is the value of the 
control's value attribute when the event eventually occurs)?

If UAs ARE allowed to skip events, I think it is a reasonable 
requirement that the last event per control in a series of inputs is not 
skipped, so that e.g. oninput="output.value=value" will always make the 
output control be in sync shortly after the last key press (but not 
necessarily while the user is typing rapidly).


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