[whatwg] minlength attribute

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 28 13:05:10 PST 2006

laos wrote:
> minlength attribute.
> This attribute applies to |text|, |password|, |url|, and |email|
> input types, and |textarea| elements.
> For text input controls it specifies the minimum length of the input, in
> terms of numbers of code points

   Well, this wouldn't be useful at the actual time of input, because
you may delete enough of the contents to go below the minimum length
prior to putting in new input. Clearly this would have to apply for
validation, and I believe that the |pattern| attribute would already
cover this, as you can specify the number of character required in
|pattern|. Or am I misunderstanding how |pattern| works?

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