[whatwg] Menus, fallback, and backwards compatibility: ideas wanted

Sander Tekelenburg tekelenb at euronet.nl
Sun Jan 8 20:37:43 PST 2006

At 17:07 +0000 UTC, on 2006-01-01, Jim Ley wrote:

> On 1/1/06, Sander Tekelenburg <tekelenb at euronet.nl> wrote:


> help - how many sites does this apply to?

Maybe not that many today, but we could think out of the box: in a situation
where browsers recognise it as a standard navigation item, that itself may
very well result in many more sites starting to offer help pages.

> so search - marginally relevant and home are the only ones that are
> really used regularly - your Etc. is a pretty big etc. as there really
> aren't any more.

rel="section" would apply to a lot of sites I'd think.


> take a few popular pages, say a mapping service, a
> wikipedia article, a book on a bookshop page, an auction page, a
> personal photo page, and create the LINKs here that would provide the
> consistency to make it useful to users.

home, up, section, help and contact immediately come to mind.

Sander Tekelenburg, <http://www.euronet.nl/~tekelenb/>

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