[whatwg] <CENTER>, <MENU>, <DIR>, <NL>

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Wed Jan 18 22:54:32 PST 2006

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> Either <div> is going to be in HTML 5 but has yet to be specified (like 
> <object>), or it's not going to be in HTML 5 but is incorrectly used in 
> some examples. If the latter, that will make certain the semantic-free 
> fates of <section> and <p>.

AIUI, HTML 5 will inherit everything from HTML 4 Strict, except for some 
selected presentational elements/attributes and, I suspect, the few 
attributes that are widely unsupported (e.g. char and charoff for table 

Div is required, there is sometimes no other alternative.  It's not 
presentational, though it's not particularly semantic either and unless 
it's used with semantic attribues like lang and dir, it's purely 
structural.  But the semantics available with the other elements can't 
possibly cover every possible use case and div is sometimes the only 
choice without resorting to abusing another semantic element.  Although, 
such cases will be reduced significantly now that we have the various 
sectioning elements.

Lachlan Hunt

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