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Thomas Much thomas at icab.de
Fri Jan 20 02:52:16 PST 2006

am 20.01.2006 0:18 Uhr schrieb James Graham unter jg307 at cam.ac.uk:

> I believe that even browsers significantly more popular than
> iCab allow for this. Yet the vast majority of people leave the feature on.

Maybe because they don't know about referrer security problems and even if
they do they don't know how to turn it off? (How many users know

People felt safe using Firefox, and now someone tells them there's happening
something behind the scenes, "someone's tracking you."  Look at the comments
on MozillaZine and on <http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/68508>. Even
if the ping attribute is a clean, open standard for something that has
happend in the dark so far, people are afraid of it. This could become a
marketing problem indeed.

There are two options that lead to the same question:

- If people don't want this feature, you'll have to provide a switch to turn
it off.

- If it can be switched off, websites will use the old, hidden ways to track

What's the benefit of the ping attribute then?

bye, Thomas

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