[whatwg] <a href="" ping="">

Daniel Veditz dveditz at cruzio.com
Fri Jan 20 11:06:40 PST 2006

Alexey Feldgendler wrote:
> Daniel Veditz <dveditz at cruzio.com> wrote:
>> Can't you say the same about cookies? Many people are up in arms about
>> "tracking" and browsers do provide blocking tools, yet the vast majority
>> of people leave them on and very few sites bother to use the old way of
>> tracking state by passing it as URL query parameters.
> That's because on most sites you're unable to log in with cookies
> disabled. On the other hand, a user who has disabled ping="" doesn't
> lose anything.

The sites which really care won't use ping, just as some force you to
enable cookies. Sites could even measure how many people disable ping if
they're worried.

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