[whatwg] Comment Syntax and Parsing

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Tue Jan 24 16:04:44 PST 2006

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Jan 2006, Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>> I tested the following in the live dom viewer using Firefox Win 
>> and Mac, Opera 8.5/Mac, Opera 9 Win and Mac, Safari 2.0.3, IE6, OmniWeb 
>> 5.1.2 and iCab 3.0.1.
>> <!DOCTYPE html>
>> PA<!-- > FAIL -- >SS
> This triggers SGML comment parsing mode (which you don't want to be 
> testing) in a number of browsers.

Why?  The closer we can define the behaviour to be compatible with 
existing standards mode behaviours, the better it will be for backwards 

Lachlan Hunt

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