[whatwg] Google research into web authoring techniques

Blake Kaplan mrbkap at mozilla.com
Wed Jan 25 16:52:50 PST 2006

Simon Pieters wrote:
> Perhaps to simulate 'min-width', something like this:
>   <table>
>    <img src=empty.gif height=0 width=700><br>
>    Text...
>   </table>

The behavior implemented in Gecko (and I believe backed up by IE6 and 
NN4.x) would be to push the <img> and text out of the table (since 
they're not valid children) giving you an empty table, preceded by the 
image and your text. It would be really nice if we could not do that, 
but that's the way that browsers have been doing it since the 
introduction of <table>, I believe.

Blake Kaplan

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