[whatwg] Tag Soup: Blocks-in-inlines

David Hyatt hyatt at apple.com
Thu Jan 26 11:57:32 PST 2006

Anything the WHATWG specifies in this area must be largely compatible  
with WinIE.  If you specify error recovery that would yield  
dramatically different results, then nobody is going to implement  
it.  Safari's algorithm is designed to keep a relatively sane DOM, to  
keep the performance snappy by not needlessly creating extra  
elements, and most importantly to be compatible in as many cases as  
possible with WinIE.

People keep throwing out algorithms in this thread that would yield  
dramatically different renderings from what browsers do now (and what  
WinIE does in particular), and that's just impractical and naive.   
This is not an area of the Web where you get to just wave a magic  
wand and re-invent the last 10 years of browser HTML parsing.  You  
are constrained forever by what browsers do now.

(hyatt at apple.com)

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