[whatwg] [WebApps] Entity consumption

J. King jking at dark-phantasy.com
Fri Jul 14 07:54:33 PDT 2006

There are two paragraphs at the end of section

  # When an end tag token is emitted, the content model
  # flag must be switched to the PCDATA state.
  # When an end tag token is emitted with attributes,
  # that is a parse error.

They don't seem to make sense in context; are they editing artefacts?

Also, the "anything else" (ie. named entities as opposed to character  
references) case states:

  # Consume the maximum number of characters possible,
  # with the consumed characters case-sensitively matching
  # one of the identifiers in the first column of the
  # entities table.

It isn't quite clear from this what constitutes a consumable character in  
this context.  When looking at the table it's reasonably obvious that the  
range is [A-Za-z], but it might be helpful to have it stated in the main  

J. King

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