[whatwg] [WebApps] Parsing: close tag open state

J. King jking at dark-phantasy.com
Sun Jul 16 08:46:53 PDT 2006

When the content model flag is set to RCDATA or CDATA in the close tag  
open state, the state machine is supposed to examine the next few  
character, and if they match the last start tag, also examine the next  
character to see if it matches whitespace.  If these conditions are not  
true, then it is supposed to "Emit a U+003C LESS-THAN SIGN character  
token, a U+002F SOLIDUS character token, and reconsume the current input  
character in the data state."

However, there is no current input character; all the state machine has  
done so far is look ahead.  Shouldn't it simply emit the two character  
tokens and switch to the data state?

J. King

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