[whatwg] Broken references links to IETF website

dolphinling lists at dolphinling.net
Thu Jul 27 15:57:22 PDT 2006

dolphinling wrote:
> Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>> Quoting dolphinling <lists at dolphinling.net>:
>>> All the links to the IETF website in the references section are broken.
>>> It looks like they're just missing extensions. Is this a temporary bug
>>> in their site, a permanent change, or has it always been that way?
>> Why don't you ask the IETF? FWIW, they used to work.
> I've sent a mail to webmaster at ietf.org . I'll follow up here when I get 
> a reply.

I received a reply saying that this has been fixed, and it indeed seems 
to be.


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