[whatwg] Mathematics in HTML5

Håkon Wium Lie howcome at opera.com
Fri Jun 2 02:24:38 PDT 2006

Also sprach White Lynx:

 > Making decision is up to WHAT WG, you can follow W3C line that so
 > far brought nothing good to scientific web (which turned into bunch
 > of PDF/PS/DJVU files) or (even without much afforts) you can solve
 > longstanding problem of embedding mathematics in HTML. If WHAT WG
 > will pay attention to interests of mathematical community, we are
 > ready to do essential part of technical work needed to incorporate
 > mathematical markup in HTML 5, like writing DTDs, default style
 > sheets, documentation, test cases etc.

I think you make a compelling case for adding math to HTML the simple
way. Personally, I'm open to adding it to HTML5. How much would it add
to the specification?

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