[whatwg] oninput event - pasting

Shadow2531 shadow2531 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 05:36:19 PDT 2006


"this specification introduces the input event. This event is fired on
a control whenever the value of the control changes due to input from
the user"

Does "due to input from the user" mean that *every*, *direct* action
the user *makes on the control* (that changes its value) causes the
event to fire?

Specifically, if I have this:
<textarea oninput="alert('test')"></textarea>

, and right-click and paste into the textarea or ctrl+v into the
textarea to paste,  or select and cut, should the event fire?

I can assume that, the event should fire no matter how the user
changes the value (just as long as it's done directly and not by
invoking a script that changes the value), but I'd like to know for



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